Islamic Fataawa Regarding the Muslim Child
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Answered by: The Permanent Committee For the Deliverance Of Legal Rulings

 (Abdul Azeez ibn Abdullah ibn Baaz; Muhammad ibn Saaleh al-Uthaimeen; Abdullah ibn Abdur-Rahmaan ibn al-Jibreen; Saaleh ibn Fawzaan al-Fawzaan)




Regarding Belief

To hate being bestowed with females is a matter of pre-Islamic ignorance

The disabled child and being pleased with the divine decree and destiny

The placing of a piece of cloth or that similar upon the belly

The writing of an amulet for a child so that it may suckle

The hanging of amulets upon children

The ruling of celebrating the birthday of a child

It is not permissible to attend this party


Regarding Naming

The ruling of holding a celebration upon the naming of the new-born

Naming the child is the right of the father and it is preferred that the mother be consulted

Naming with the names of Allaah


Regarding The Aqeeqah

The meaning of Aqeeqah and its ruling

Delaying the Aqeeqah until after the seventh day is at variance to the Sunnah

The time of the Aqeeqah

Issues concerning the Aqeeqah

The Aqeeqah of a stillborn child

The Aqeeqah is not required from the one who cannot afford it

Performing the Aqeeqah for a miscarried foetus

The Aqeeqah for a miscarried foetus and other issues


Regarding Breast Feeding

The laws of breast-feeding

It becomes forbidden by suckling those relationships that are forbidden by kinship

Un-marriageability does not occur except with five feedings or more

Is his sister from suckling a sister to all his brothers?

It is permissible for your daughters to remove their Hijaabs in front of their maternal uncle from suckling

The ruling of the doubted feeding

This suckling has no effect

The children of your suckling father from his second wife are your brothers

They are your brothers from your suckling mother only


Regarding Purification

Does the sun cleanse clothing from urine? And the ruling of praying in such clothing

She bathed her child whilst she was in a state of Wudhu

he ruling of a child’s urine if it contaminates clothing


Regarding Toys

The ruling of various types of dolls

The ruling of model animals as toys for children

Toys that contain pictures

Beware of this toy!

To produce toys in a fashion that emulates the creation of Allaah

To produce dolls from modelling clay



Miscellaneous Issues

The pronouncing of the Azaan and the Iqaamah in the ears of the new-born child

Gifts for the new-born and its mother

Piercing the ears or nose of an infant female for beautification

Leaving disabled children in disabled centres

Shaving part of the head, its definition and ruling

Adoption and its rules

Attributing the deserted infant to its adopted guardian by way of descent

The Ruling on Sterilisation and Being Childless

The ruling of children’s songs